New wind farm was opened in Kherson region

On 29th of September  within X International Investment Forum “Tavrian Horizons” in the Kherson region the ceremonial opening of the wind farm “Novotroitsk” in the Sivashsky village of the Novotroitsk district was held.

Among attendees at celebrations there were Deputy Minister of Energy of Ukraine Natalya Boyko and the Chairman of the State agency on energy efficiency and energy saving of Ukraine Sergey Savchuk.

CEO of the LLC “Vindkraft Ukraina” company which was engaged in construction of the wind farm Carl Sturen has told: “The maximum power of the project is 140 MW. Today we have opened the 41.4 MW park – it is 3 wind-driven generators, their  total amount will be 12”.

The sum of the investments enclosed in construction of the wind farm “Novotroitsk” is more than 60 million euros. Carl Sturen assured that he wasn’t afraid to invest heavily together with the partners in the project in boundary Khersonshchyna at all, he is confident in safety investment of the region and support from local authorities.

Besides the development of green technologies and alternative power engineering is relevant for our area.

In construction of the wind farm world latest developments in the field of generation of the “green” electric power have been used. Wind-driven electric generators, established by the “Vindkraft Ukraine” company, are the latest and modern not only on the territory of Ukraine, but also in the world.

The director of the Department of renewables of SAEE Yury Shafarenko thanked the regional authorities for assistance in development of alternative energy sources, in particular for construction of the wind farm “Novotroitsk” and added: “Today wind power stations are one of the most favorable alternative energy sources, they take not enough place and easily fit into any landscape and also are perfectly combined with other types of economy. Besides wind power, unlike fossil fuel, is inexhaustible”.

Also It should be noted that Ms. Eva Svedling, State Secretary of the Ministry of the international cooperation and development and climate of Sweden and the Ambassador of Sweden to Ukraine Mr. Martin Hagstryom made speeches of support at ceremonial opening and have noted powerful contribution of the “Vindkraft” company to implementation of wind power projects. Also Ms. Svedling  noted favorable investment climate of the Kherson region and big prospects for development of renewable power.

By the end 2018 the company plans construction of new WPS with a general power of
96 MW. Also, preparatory work on the project of construction of WPS “Kalanchak” and WPS “Chaplynka” with a general power of 600 MW comes to an end.

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