Advancement of agribusiness – foundation of the future

On September 29, 2017 within the X International Investment forum “Tavrian horizons: cooperation, investments, economic development” the panel discussion devoted to the topic: “Agricultural industry development – the base of the future” was carried out.

The Chairman of the Committee of agro-industrial complex at Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine Oleg Yukhnovsky was its moderator.

The speakers of this panel were: the international consultant of regional office for Europe and Central Asia of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Mikhail Malkov; Chairman of the Public union “Agrarian union of Ukraine” Gennady Novikov; Academician, member of Presidium of National academy of agrarian sciences of Ukraine Vyacheslav Vlasov.

The concept of the discussion included illumination of investment advantages in agriculture development of the Kherson region, presentation of actual investment vectors of agro-industrial branch of Khersonshchyna and representation of the export potential of the agrarian sector of the region.

During the panel discussion the strategic spheres of agro industrial development were presented, in particular the issue of modern concepts implementation for organics production, winemaking, irrigation and agricultural mechanical engineering was discussed. Besides, the promotion of national agrarian production on the European markets was marked.

There were discussed the actual opportunities of innovative technologies implementation in the agrarian industry, the world experience use in support and development of agrarian sector was studied.

Besides, the panel participants had an opportunity to study the concept of the foundation of the Centre of rural territories innovation development under the Institute of irrigated agriculture NAAS of Ukraine, which purpose will be concentrated on acceleration of the innovation processes in agrarian economic sector, as well as strengthening of agrarian science influence on competitiveness of agriculture and processing industry branches.

Also, there was presented the AGROPORT Project, which is aimed at the support for trade and development of the small and medium farmer. Within this project on the territory of the Kherson region will be held the corresponding Forum in 2018.

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