The enterprise on innovative agrarian production opened in Hola Prystan

On the 30th of September in Hola Prystan within X International investment forum “Tavrian Horizons” the official opening of the scientific enterprise “5 ELEMENT” – national producer of Nano-fertilizers was held.

The event attended the chairman of Kherson Regional State Administration Andrii Gordieiev, Hola Prystan mayor Aleksander Babych, CEO of LLC SPE “5 ELEMENT” Vladimyr Biliy, his deputy for scientific work, the Doctor of Chemistry, Professor Georgy Golik and also People’s Deputies, businessmen, journalists.




The head of RSA Andrii Gordieiev noted: “Last year during the 9th International investment forum “Tavrian Horizons” together with Volodimyr Biliy there was concluded the memorandum of cooperation under the name “The plant of the Nano-fertilizers “5 ELEMENT”. Today we are already opening the enterprise. The investments involved amounted 1.5 million dollars, and provided more than 70 jobs”.



Also Mr. Gordieiev handed the certificate of quality of the Swiss company “Organic Standard” to the CEO of LLC SPE “5 ELEMENT” Mr.Biliy.





In his turn Volodimyr Biliy thanked to Professor Georgy Golik who has created about 50 medicines, 150 combinations within ten years of researches.

Besides, he has added: “I would like to tell with pride that we really open today national producer of micro fertilizers, because it is development of the Ukrainian science, all this is made on the Ukrainian ground”.



Besides, within the action the memorandum of cooperation between the Kherson RSA and the Ukraine-Arab Business Council was signed.





During the solemn opening all the guests had the opportunity to make a tour on the enterprise, to see namely scientific laboratory, the industrial shop and efficiency of effect of Nano-fertilizers on plants in research greenhouses.





Reference: For today the enterprise has concluded cooperation agreements with enterprises from Lithuania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Algeria, Egypt, Sudan and other countries.

The micro fertilizers made by the enterprise are biologically active, with high speed of penetration into cages of plants which increase for 20-50% productivity and also trade dress and quality of agricultural products. Besides, it is 100% micro fertilizer.

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