Project Description

Project Description (short description of the project, including key benefits for the investor, how this project / company makes money and how it will make more with investment)

Products/ Services (products/services that are expected to be produced/provided)

Market Overview (targeted clients and markets)

Investment Needed

Amount & Type (amount and type of investments, e.g. equity, debt, joint venture)

Details (timing and intended allocation of investments by type of activates/assets, expected IRR, payback period)

Location and Infrastructure

Location (location of the project; distance to the oblast/region centres, km)


Area(land plot area in square meters)

Legal status(ownership)

Intended purpose of the use

Current usage

Project considerations (any existing buildings/constructions/trees, neighbouring plots characteristics that can influence the project, etc.)

Infrastructure - Access to transport infrastructure (distance to the nearest transportation routes and key infrastructure (airports, ports, railroads, etc.))

Infrastructure - Availability and distance to utility infrastructure (availability of and distance to water, gas, electricity supply systems, sewage networks, their characteristics and capacities, etc.)

Resources and Services

Access to Resources & Services - Availability of required resources(what resources are needed, supply sources)

Existing Asset Characteristics - Availability of buildings/ structures and their characteristics(buildings that can be used for the project: layout plan, area, number of floors, technical condition, if repairs or dismantling are required)

Existing Asset Characteristics - Existing equipment(short characteristic, if repairs or dismantling are required)

Availability & Quality of Work Force - (availability of human resources with proper skills and knowledge, specialized educational institutions, examples of similar projects/ enterprises in the region, average wages and unemployment rate in the region)

Regulatory Considerations

Required Permissions & Licenses (list of licenses, time required to obtain them)

Environmental Restrictions & Requirements (if applicable)

Existing Privileges & Incentives (if applicable)


Other (other relevant information, availability of audited financial statements, other key financial indicators, interested co-investors, etc.)

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