During “Tavrian Horizons” Forum the project of the International airport “Kherson” concession will be presented

International airport “Kherson” is a point of economic growth of the Kherson region, a strategic infrastructure object of the South of Ukraine.

After the restoration of activities in 2014, about 300 thousand passengers used the airport services for 4.5 years. And if in 2014 they were 11 thousand, then in 2017 their number has increased 10 times.

The prospective coverage of the airport is 6 million passengers from the South of Ukraine and the Crimea.

In July, the session of the Kherson Regional Council gave a start to the procedure for preparing the airport for the concession, as the company has the status of regional communal property.

The experience of many European countries in attracting private business to the development of airports has shown positive results. For example, in Turkey, over the past 15 years, the number of airports in the country has increased from 26 to 55. In Georgia, over 10 years at the expense of the investor, the passenger flow grew by 43% at Tbilisi airport and by 56% in Batumi. Bulgarian airports invest in a modernization of infrastructure, systems and services in the amount of more than 170 million euros and so on.

During the strategic session of “Tavrian Horizons” Forum dedicated to the topic: “Kherson Region – Economic Development and the Investment Climate at the Border” aviation expert, Aviaplan LLC’s founder and partner, Yevhen Treskunov will demonstrate the main achievements and opportunities of the Kherson airport, and will also form the main expectations and requirements for future concessionaires.

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