Tavrian Horizons 2018

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Kherson International Economic Forum “Tavria Horizons”

was held on September 21st, 2018 in Kyiv

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This year Forum gathered more than 600 participants from 25 countries of the world, including 7 heads of diplomatic missions, People’s deputies of Ukraine, representatives of international financial and donor organizations, central executive authorities, domestic and foreign investment companies, banking institutions and civil society institutions.

This year, the Strategic Session was held under the slogan Investments at the «border»

Andrii Gordieiev, chairman of the Kherson Regional State Administration, was moderator of the session. He shared the experience of Kherson region formation of the at the international level after obtaining the status of the border area, facts about changes in the indicators of investment and foreign economic activity, dynamics of the main economic indicators in 2012-2017 years. Thus, the head of the regional state administration noted that during 2016-2018, about 30 large-scale investment projects in various spheres were implemented in the oblast in the amount of more than 5.6 billion UAH. As a result of their implementation in 2017 and the first half of 2018, the consolidated budget received about 57 mln UAH taxes and fees. About 600 new jobs were created. By the end of this year, it is planned to implement 26 projects worth more than 6.2 billion UAH including agro-industrial complexes, recreational facilities and new solar and wind power plants.

Daniel Bilak, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of UkraineInvest noted that one of the key roles in attracting investments is the elimination of artificial obstacles that arise in the way of project implementation, and personal support of investors at all stages.

During the discussion, special attention was paid to the development of the international airport “Kherson”. So, Andrii Gordieiev is convinced that the development of the airport directly depends on attracting funds from the investor, namely the implementation of public-private partnership. Incidentally, the relevant bill has already passed the first reading in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

At the strategic session, Yevgen Treskunov, founder and partner of Aviplan LLC, presented the aviation component of the Kherson region. He noted that for the growth of passenger traffic, the following factors are needed: social security of the population in the service area, dynamic economic development, investment and tourism potential.

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Thus, CEO Vindcraft Ukraine LLC, Mr. Carl Sturen, and Vice President of NBT AS, Mr. Boerge Tvorg, shared the successful experience of doing business on the border with the temporarily occupied territory of the Crimea and willingness to continue working in the Kherson region.

To confirm the intentions that Kherson Region is moving in the right direction: energy, economic independence, de-occupation of the Crimea by peaceful means, were signed memorandums on the implementation of projects for $ 625 mln USA dollars.

Thus, the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Yuriy Lavrenyuk, the head of the Kherson Regional State Administration Andrii Gordieiev and the chairman of the Kherson Regional Council Vladislav Manger signed a Memorandum on the assistance and cooperation in the implementation of pilot projects in the form of public-private partnership in the Kherson region.

Also during the Forum were signed the following documents:

Memorandum on cooperation and partnership with the president of the charitable organization “All-Ukrainian Charitable Tavriya Foundation” Mykola Bagrayev. In particular, the date of the XVII All-Ukrainian Charitable Festival “Chornomorski Igry” was announced – July 26-28, 2019, which traditionally takes place in Skadovsk.

The Plan of joint actions on implementation of the project of international technical assistance “Support to the reform of criminal justice in Ukraine” was signed with the director of the International Development Law Organization in Ukraine Levan Duchidze and the chairman of the Kalanchak settlement council Volodymyr Zinchuk. The Plan will provide the functioning of the center for the provision of administrative services of the Kalanchak amalgamated territorial community.

Memorandum on the implementation of the renewable energy project in the Kherson region with the Vice-president of NBT AS Mr. Boerge Tvorg. The project envisages the construction of a 250 MW wind power plant in the Chaplynka district. The volume of investments – 370 million euro. The implementation period is the IV quarter of 2019.

Memorandum on cooperation on implementation of the project in the field of renewable energy in the Kherson region with the director of LLC “Dnipro-Bugska wind power plant” Vitaliy Shubin. The project envisages the construction of a 110 MW wind power plant in the Bilozerka district. The volume of investments – 165 mln euro. The start of the project is scheduled for the I quarter of 2019. In addition, the Memorandum provides for the improvement of social infrastructure.

A Memorandum of Understanding on the Implementation of the Tourism and Recreation Area Project in Kherson Region with the President of the Canadian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce Zenon Poticzny in the presence of Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine, Mr. Roman Vashchuk.

Memorandum of Intent on Establishing an Enterprise with Foreign Investments between the Director General of the Sewing Company Limited Liability Company Volodymyr Darmoroz and the Director of the RENESANS GROUP INVEST LLC Shavkat Rahmedov in the presence of the Head of the Regional State Administration Andrii Gordieiev and the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic Uzbekistan to Ukraine Mr. Alisher Abdualyev.

Memorandum of cooperation on the implementation of an investment project on the construction of a complex for mineral fertilizers reception, storage, mixing and packaging on the territory of Kherson region with the general director of LLC TerraTarsa Ukraine Mr.Andriy Gogolev. The volume of investments is 7 million USD. The term of the project implementation is III quarter of 2020.

An agreement on cooperation with the president of the Association “National Tourist Organization of Ukraine” Mr. Ivan Liptuha. The agreement provides creation of favorable conditions for attracting investment in the development of tourism infrastructure, implementation of innovative projects aimed at increasing demand for tourism services and revenues from the sale of tourism services.

Memorandum of cooperation on joint intentions aimed at attracting investment in the implementation of the investment project La Perla Azzurra on the territory of Kherson Region with the director of the private enterprise “Master Fish” Boris Goncharenko. The Memorandum coordinates joint actions in the direction of conducting investment activities in the resort and recreation industry within the Skadovsk district. In particular, it is a construction of recreation facilities along Lake Ustryshne on an area ​​almost 600 ha.

A memorandum of cooperation and expansion of the possibilities of competition of Ukrainian producers on the world market with the director of LLC “Agrarian Center” Tetyana Kaskiv. The memorandum will facilitate the sale of agricultural products of Kherson commodity producers and the search for new partners for the development of the agro-industrial complex of the region.

In addition, within the framework of the Forum, a delegation of International Trade Club members established negotiations with entrepreneurs of the Kherson region.

More than 30 business and economic advisers from embassies from Malaysia, Spain, Argentina, Lithuania, UAE, Romania, Belgium, Turkey, Israel, China took part in the B2B negotiations with Kherson entrepreneurs this year.

Members of the delegation noted that Kherson region has a wealth of full-time resources and well-developed alternative energy.

Within the framework of the panel discussion “Tourist Infrastructure for International Practices – Investment Perspectives for Kherson Region” participants presented the tourism potential of Kherson region.

The moderator of the panel was Ivan Liptuga, President of the National Tourist Organization of Ukraine, Advisor to the First Vice Prime Minister – Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.

More than 1,000 recreation, health improvement and accommodation facilities provide services to guests of the Tavrian region. Of these 49 children’s, 60 farmsteads of green tourism, 51 hotel complexes. The total bed fund is more than 100 thousand places. This was emphasized by the Deputy Head of the Regional State Administration Andriy Balon.

During the discussion, he said that Kherson airport regularly operates Istanbul-Kherson-Istanbul (Turkish Airlines), Kherson-Kyiv-Kherson (Ukraine International Airlines), Bravo – international charter flights to Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh (Egypt), Antalya, Dalaman (Turkey), Lublin (Poland).

Over 3.5 million guests have arrived in the region for brilliant impressions and unique emotions. Almost 15 thousand foreigners visited Kherson region for private purposes for 8 months of the current year.  Top 5 visitor countries of the Kherson region: Turkey, Germany, Israel, USA, Italy. “Various infrastructure projects that contribute to the further development of tourism in the region, in particular, the construction of yacht clubs, dolphinariums, water parks, hotel complexes, equestrian sports clubs, balneological centers, restoration of regular passenger transportation and excursions along the Dnipro river, etc.”, – said Andriy Balon.

He also noted that there is a real need to invest in the material and technical base of already available resources, as well as the creation of an additional platform for accommodation, rest, recreation, related tourist services.

In addition, the Regional State Administration presented a project which provides building a resort on the Black Sea coast “La Perla Azzurra & Costa Azzurra”. During the panel discussion, Chief Architect of the Kherson region Grigoriy Khodin described possibilities of investing in the construction of hotels, water parks and other tourist infrastructure on a total area of ​​about 800 hectares. The total investment required is about 1 billion euros. For its part, the regional authorities guarantee the provision of necessary engineering and infrastructural communications.

Another investment attraction is the Tavria SPA Resort project, which involves the use of unique technology for the remnants of the wine industry. Mark Shukman, Head of Tourism Development Department of PJSC “House of vintage cognacs” Tavria” offered to act as a partner in the implementation of the project. During the discussion, he said that the project involves: the reconstruction of the existing building – the former sanatorium Tavria – into a modern hotel for 59 rooms from economy class to suite, the arrangement of a park landscape zone, the construction of a conference hall, a restaurant, a fitness zone, a beach, a spa center . The area of ​​the land plot is 0.78 hectares, and the area of ​​development is 3978 sq.m, including – 697 sq.m. of new construction.

In addition, the prospective direction of Kherson region tourism development is the development of the Arabatska Spit, which can become another international resort.

In the framework of cooperation with the Canada-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce, President Zenon Poticzny presented the investment project that will be implemented with the participation of Canadian investors in the Genichesk Region.

The concept of the event was to highlight the benefits of investing in the development of agriculture in the Kherson region. Demonstrating most viable investment vectors of the agrarian industry of Kherson region, export potential of the agricultural sector in the region.

Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Olga Trofimtseva emphasized the innovative approach to the development of the agrarian sector in the Kherson region, which aims to achieve European standards. She emphasized the need for state support and the importance of the development of logistics infrastructure for the possibility of exporting agricultural products abroad.

The FAO Development Coordinator in Ukraine, Mykhailo Malkov, has made meaningful proposals, including: the use of the latest technologies for improving the state of the land and reproduction of forest bands in the Kherson region.

During the discussion platform, special attention was paid to the issue of introducing modern organic production concepts by the president of the Organic Products Union Organic Ukraine Olena Berezovska and Mariia Makhnovets, an independent consultant on organic products exports from Ukraine.

Active participation in the discussion was taken by the National manager of the ITC project “Promotion of the output of small and medium-sized enterprises of the fruit and vegetable sector to foreign markets and their inclusion in the value chain” Olena Kolomoytseva.

Margarita Stepanova, deputy director of the Department of Agricultural Development of the Kherson Regional State Administration, outlined the most important strategic directions for the development of the agro-industrial complex, in particular, the projects on the formation of a fruit and vegetable hub through the development of objects of processing of fruit and vegetable products were presented, business proposals on creation of objects of import substitution and niche production of agricultural products.

In addition, the participants of the event had an opportunity to get acquainted with the concept of an investment project designed to diversify the production of LLC “Fruit and Vegetable Plant Kherson” in the direction of creating additional capacity for freezing and drying of fruit and vegetable products, presented by the head of the LLC “Fruit and Vegetable Plant Kherson” Oksana Badenko .

Also, to the audience were presented scientific technologies on the example of innovative products LLC NPP “5 Element”, in particular nano-fertilizers by general Director Volodymyr Biliy.

Another panel discussion of the Forum was devoted to presentations of economic and investment strategies of the amalgamated territorial communities of Kherson region, potential investors were offered specific investment platforms for the implementation of new business initiatives in the communities.

Markiyan Dacyshyn, Projects Coordinator in Civil Society Institute was moderator of the panel discussion. He described in detail the international projects of technical assistance, which successfully involve the Ukrainian communities and thus strengthen their own local budgets.

“Even in 2017, we conducted a large-scale survey among 50 amalgamated territorial communities of Ukraine with one question: “In what spheres amalgamated territorial communities want to involve investments?” The responses were the same everywhere – solar energy, vegetable growing, tourism development. But in further work in these areas, there was a problem communicating with potential investors, inability to properly engage in business creation. In this direction we cooperate with the communities including Kherson region”.

Director of the Department of Local Self-Government and Territorial Organization of the Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine Serhiy Sharshov drew the attention of the platform participants:

“It should be noted that, due to the Law of Ukraine “On the Association of amalgamated territorial communities” and “On the cooperation of amalgamated territorial communities”, for today, more than half of the state funds are concentrated in local budgets – 51 %. About 40 % of Ukrainian territories are covered by amalgamated territorial communities, so the task of the Ministry and government is to make become amalgamated territorial communities diamonds!”

In addition, the discussion focused on the formation of community service centers for the provision of administrative services, as described in detail by the coordinator of the implementation of the policy of the U-LEAD Program for Europe, Mariia Tyshchenko.

She talked about the current “Side” program, in which amalgamated territorial communities takes part. Program will provide software and technical support for the creation of center for administrative services with modern and even mobile centers for the provision of administrative services on wheels.

So, from Kherson region, 6 communities have expressed a desire to participate in this program and compete for the right to receive additional assistance in order to bring services closer to the population.

Mustafa Sait-Ametov, Coordinator of United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine reported on the possibility of sustainable development by consolidating efforts at the local level.

Heads of amalgamated territorial communities presented their own investment projects, which can significantly affect the budget and community infrastructure.

Among them: the presentation of the “pink” Lemurian lake in the Prisyvaska amalgamated territorial communities amalgamated territorial communities the concept of the development of the coastal zone of Bile Lake in Bilozerka amalgamated territorial communities, the construction of a modern pig complex in Kochubeyevka amalgamated territorial communities (presentation), available land plots most attractive to investors in the field of alternative energy, agro-industrial complex, tourism sphere on the territory of Tavrichanska amalgamated territorial communities.

The parties also discussed the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation between Tavrichanska, Prisyvaska and Askania-Nova amalgamated territorial communities and the Tavria United Territorial Community Regional Development Agency for the implementation of the project.

For the first time during the Forum, public-private partnership and privatization projects were presented as part of the panel discussion “Transparent privatization and public-private partnership”.

Moderator of the panel was Yuriy Gusev – Advisor to the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine.

The top topic for discussion was the concession of the State Enterprise “Kherson Sea Commercial Port” presented by Oleg Kudashov, Investment Officer PPP Transaction Advisory Europe and Central Asia

Volodymyr Shemayev, Head of unit of strategic planning and development State Enterprise Ukrainian Sea Ports Authorities, outlined the opportunities for the development of Kherson and Skadovsk sea ports in, the possibilities of their development on the conditions of public-private partnership are disclosed.

The Deputy Chairman of the State Property Fund of Ukraine Yuriy Nikitin presented the objects subject to privatization in accordance with the new legislation, including the object of large privatization – Kherson electric power plant. A number of small-scale privatization objects were offered to investors by the head of the regional department of the State Property Fund of Ukraine in the Kherson region, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, Galina Teslyuk.

The Head of the Department of Intellectual Property and Invention Support of the State Innovation Financial-Credit Institution of Ukraine Yana Pidlisna outlined the main financial instruments for the implementation of innovative and investment projects.

Creative Economy and Urbanism

“Creative Economy and Urbanism” panel was represented by the NGO “Business Association “WE-KHERSONIANS” and presented the following projects:

  • Impact Investment Project: Center for Creative Industries “Turbine Art Platform” and Urban_CAD, Speaker – Anna Kasatkina, Internet Marketer, Member of the Business Association “WE-KHERSONIANS” (Presentation);
  • Swan Lake Revitalization Project, Speakers – Valery Borzhkov, Deputy of the Kherson City Council, Director of Toyota Center Kherson “Auto-Plaza”, member of the Business Association “WE-KHERSONIANS”; Arthur AYMETOV, winner of the competition for sketch projects for the reconstruction of the location of “Lebedinka”, architect, interior designer, landscape, visualization (Presentation) ;;
  • Project “Urbanization of Genichesk – a way to create a resort and tourist city”, the speaker – Olga Otashevska, manager of the affairs of the managing Director of the Genichesk City Executive Committee (Presentation);
  • Presentation of the potential of development of IT-sphere of Kherson region, speaker – Kateryna Sheldgaeva, head of IT-recruiting company KAgency, member of the Business Association “WE-KHERSONIANS”; (Presentation)
  • Presentation of the Tavrida Active Park project, Vyacheslav Kosteniuk, head of Nova Kakhovka regional development agency (Presentation);

The panel “Creative Economics and Urbanism” was attended by about 50 listeners who took an active part in discussing the above-mentioned projects.

Zemlyatstvo Khersonschiny

Kherson residents received honors “For Merits to the community and to the city” during the meeting of “Zemlyatstva Khersonschiny”.

In particular, the reward was given to the head of the Kherson Regional State Administration Andrii Gordieiev, the general director of the “Scientific and technological enterprise “5 ELEMENT” Volodymyr Biliy, the Deputy head of the Regional State Administration Yevgen Ryshchuk, the rector of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine Stanislav Nikolayenko, the first vice president of the international community organization” Peasanthood of the Kherson region” Mikhail Kushnarenko.

In addition, during the meeting, the International NGO “Zemlyatstvo Khersonschiny” and the Kherson Regional State Administration signed a Memorandum of Cooperation.

“Together we will work for the benefit of our native Kherson region! In addition, today’s Forum will attract a lot of attention and interest in our region”, – said the head of the regional state administration Andrii Gordieiev.

“This event is a confirmation that Kherson region needs support at the national level,” said Yuriy Gusev, President of Zemlyatstvo


During the Forum, the potential of the agro-industrial complex of the region was presented within the framework of the exposition, which was filled by producers of the agrarian sector of the region, in particular by presenting their own export-oriented products. Brand products were presented by “Bilozersky”, “Nash Product” LLC, PJSC “House of vintage cognacs” Tavria”, PE “Pani Christina”, LLC “Fruit and Vegetable Plant “Kherson”, Institute of Irrigated Agriculture, Scientific-Production Enterprise “5 Element” LLC